[f_minor] Glenn Gould's birthday

Lancaster, Mark Mark-L at VIPS.com
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Thanks Elaine for offering this memento of our musical hero, so long
gone, so little forgotten. I was just discovering his music in the
summer of 1982, feverishly exploring the LP record collection of my best
friend's father for the wonderful Bach performances that until then I'd
been mostly unaware of (the 1955 GVs being the exception), and was
distraught at the news of his untimely death, and the terrible knowledge
that the next 30 or more years would not be filled with new recordings
from my new favorite pianist. I've since collected all of his Bach on
CD, and have learned to appreciate other pianists in that repertoire as
well - Hewitt, Richter, Barenboim, Tureck, Pollini, Schiff, Arrau,
Perahia - these and more give me continuously new ways of appreciating
the old master, but only one performer is synonymous with Bach, and the
choice for my proverbial desert island has always been clear - Glenn



Mark Lancaster




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Hi Stefy, Pat, Maryellen, Katherine and everyone,

Wow so many of you remembered the 25th. Indeed a charmed birthday, and I
would say Glenn was a good Libra boy. (They are such artistic types!)
Well I had it marked on my calendar too and since it was a not bad day,
though threatening rain a little, I made the trek to the cemetery where
birds were singing and leaves were gently blowing in the wind. I took
some flowers, and was glad to see some already there. I did take a
picture and will send anyone who emails me directly a copy.


 Cheers, Elaine


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