[f_minor] Glenn Gould: Homo telefoniens

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Very well said, Mary!   Too much gossip on 
f_minor recently, and too much pompous 
My question is: where has the music gone?  Maybe 
we should be more concerned with Glenn's 
originality,  his outstanding contribution to 
contemporsry music-making,  the depth of his 
thought - often even when he was apparently 
joking, than with his personal life,  his 
weaknesses, and his oddities.


P.S. The Hildebrand's link is a gem

>Your phone rings late at night but it's not a 
>family emergency, it's Gould. Some bloody nerve.
>There's not much to be gleaned from the 'new' 
>Gould film on GG's loquaciousness. There's not a 
>lot to be gleaned at all. The film skims flat 
>stones across calmed waters and it seems to me 
>that the whole point
>of the exercise was to elucidate Gould's heterosexuality.
>As for Gould and Twitter and the rest: Don't you 
>get it? He loved the human voice. Loved it so 
>much that he sought out trunk lines. Loved it 
>long distance as well as whispered into his 
>weirdly formed right ear. The man was so utterly 
>attuned to sound that it makes me outraged at 
>the nonsense people are trying to make of his 
>'philosophy', trying to turn it all into some 
>early IT gospel.
>Gould had more in common with Cocteau than with Ballmer.
>Mary Jensen

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